Clinton County Auditor | Clinton County, Ohio

Real Property Transfer & Conveyance

Transfer and identification documents track the transfer of parcels and maintain the Auditor’s parcel numbering system for tax purposes. Under Ohio law, all real estate transfer-related documents must be presented to the County Auditor before recording. Transfers are done in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code Section 319.203.

Transfer Fee:

Real Estate transfers are subject to two types of fee’s at the Auditor’s Office: the conveyance fee and the transfer fee.

Conveyance Fee: The conveyance fee in Clinton County is $3.50 per thousand of the sale price, effective November 1, 2004. This fee is assessed on both sales of Real Estate and Manufactured Homes. Conveyance fee is rounded up to the nearest $100. For example, if the sale amount is $100,000, the conveyance fee would be determined by multiplying $100,000 by $.0035 ($100,000 x .0035 = $350). Make checks payable to the Clinton County Auditor. Certain property transfers are exempt from conveyance fees.

Transfer Fee: The transfer fee is $.50 per parcel number transferred. For example, if 3 parcels are transferred in a deed, $1.50 will be charged as a transfer fee. Make checks payable to the Clinton County Auditor.

Ways to File a Deed with our Office:

In Person: Our office is at the Clinton County Administrative Campus located at 1850 Davids Drive, Ste#303, Wilmington, Ohio 45177. The office is open from 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday. During these hours we are available to assist with filing a deed with our office. Please bring all the necessary documents and Auditor’s fees. Please contact the Recorder’s office at 937-382-2067 to verify their fees and requirements.

By Mail: If you wish to file your deed by mail mark the order the documents should be processed, include your contact information, a self addressed stamped envelope, and verify that you have the correct documents and fees. Please be aware that this method may prolong the process as the documents may be rejected for items such as incorrect fees, missing or incorrect legal description, missing conveyance form, etc. and returned to you. We will forward the documents to the Recorder’s office after they are processed.

NOTE: The legal description must be approved by Tax Maps/GIS and a stamp must be placed upon the deed indicating the same before it can be processed. For additional information the Tax Maps/GIS office can be contacted at 937-382-4335.