Clinton County Auditor | Clinton County, Ohio

Budget Commission

The Auditor is the permanent Secretary of the Budget Commission which also includes the County Treasurer and the Prosecutor. It is the responsibility of the Commission to annually review the tax budgets of all taxing districts within the county and to determine that all tax levies are properly authorized and allocated to local governments and libraries.


Terence G. Habermehl, Secretary Clinton County Auditor 1850 Davids Dr. Suite 303 Wilmington, OH 45177 Telephone: 937-382-2250

Andrew M. McCoy, Chair Clinton County Prosecutor 103 E. Main St. Wilmington, OH 45177 Telephone: 937-382-4559

Kyle Rudduck, Member Clinton County Treasurer 1850 Davids Dr. Suite 203 Wilmington, OH 45177 Telephone: 937-382-2224

Requests for budget commission action may be mailed, dropped off in-person, or emailed directly to Logan M. Bailey (baileylm@clintoncountyohio.us) and Danette L. Garringer (garringerdl@clintoncountyohio.us), but please only submit ONE Time, Via ONE Method. Email is the preferred delivery method. If emailed, please ensure you receive a response that it was received.

Requests submitted after the deadlines listed below will be held until the next scheduled meeting. All requests for interim/emergency action between regularly scheduled meetings will be reviewed by the commission secretary who will determine whether to grant such a request. Such requests must be submitted at least three (3) business days in advance of the requested meeting date. This will allow the coordination of member schedules as well as appropriate media notification.

Required Annual Filings:

  • On or before Jan. 30.
    • Certificate of the Total Amount Available from All Sources for Expenditures and Balances, O.R.C 5705.36
  • On or before Jan. 30.
    • Permanent Appropriations, or April 1 if approved Temporary (Temporary must be filed with Auditor’s office)
  • On or before Jan. 30.
    • Cash Report (Financial Statements)
  • On or before Oct. 1.
    • Resolution Accepting Amounts and Rates, O.R.C. 5705.34-35
  • On or before Oct 1.
    • Local Government Alternative Formula Approval

The deadlines and regular meeting times are listed below.

*Please be advised that the regularly scheduled Budget Commission meetings are now on the third Tuesday of every month and the deadline has changed to Wednesday at noon prior to that date.